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There is a myth that only people who don’t care for their teeth get cavities and need fillings. Although one has a much better chance of avoiding cavities and dental decay with routine and consistent care of one’s teeth, this is not always the case. Genetics, frequency and acidity of foods and beverages, and other factors play a large role in cavities and dental decay. At Sunny Days Dental, East Austin dentist Dr. Shah advises fillings and/or crowns when a cavity is detected. She may also recommend some simple modifications to reduce the risk for future cavities. Please view the video below to see the progression of untreated decay.

We may advise the following:

  • Monitor the area and reevaluate in six months
  • Composite bonding
  • Metal crowns
  • Porcelain crowns

The main purpose of a crown is to protect a tooth which has been filled after a cavity or one which is prone to decay. To learn more, contact us today at (512) 539-0093! We would be happy to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

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