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Quality, Caring Dentistry in East Austin

Going to the dentist is very important to your dental health and should not be an experience that you dread. This is why our East Austin dentist, Dr. Pamee Shah of Sunny Days Dental makes a conscious effort to create a soothing and calm office environment. With Sunny Days Dental’s unique East Austin vibe, flexible appointment times, and convenient location, you and your family can receive one of the most comfortable and relaxing dental experiences available.

Come in for a visit and share some time with Dr. Shah and her staff or Give us a call at (512) 539-0093 to schedule an appointment now!

We are pleased to offer the following dental treatment options:

Dental Hygiene East Austin

Preventative and hygiene:

Taking care of your teeth requires frequent preventative measures and great dental hygiene. We can help you by offering bi-annual check-ups and cleanings, as well as education on proper hygiene techniques.

Dental Crowns and Fillings East Austin

Fillings and crowns:

When you have cavities, our dentist can ensure they are properly cared for immediately. In addition to fillings, we can also insert a crown for any teeth that are sensitive or decayed to prevent future cavities.

Cosmetic Dentistry East Austin, TX

Cosmetic and elective:

Elective dental care, also known as cosmetic services, plays an important part of beautifying your smile. From porcelain veneers to cleanings, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry to keep your smile looking its very best.

Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Dentistry East Austin, TX

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth:

There are times when a tooth/teeth may be doing more harm than good and removal of the tooth/teeth becomes the best option. Other times, a tooth may harbor so much plaque and harmful bacteria that it puts the surrounding teeth at risk of decay, so the doctor would advise its removal.

Tooth Extraction East Austin Dentist

Oral surgery and implants:

If you have recently been in an accident or lost teeth due to decay, you may be in need of restorative surgery or implants. Our dentist has the experience and skill in both implant dentistry and oral surgery.

Dentures, East Austin Dentist

Dentures and partials:

If you have lost all of your teeth or a majority of your teeth, you may want to consider dentures or partial dentures to replace them. There are many benefits to dentures, including improving your appearance and functionality.

Pediatric Dentist East Austin


We believe that all of your family’s dentistry needs should be taken care of in one place. Our Austin dentist is highly experienced at working with children and putting them at ease for check-ups and dental procedures.


Six Month Smiles:

If you wish to straighten your teeth in six months or less, our Six Month Smile program may be right for you. We offer a specialized program intended to help our patients who are on a tight time-line achieve the straight teeth you are looking for.

Sedation Options: Sedation Dentistry East Austin

The Sunny Days Dental staff enjoys creating a friendly and relaxing dental experience for each patient. Of course on those days where our vibe isn’t enough, please consider one of our sedation options to enhance your visit.

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