A new smile for 2017!

Have you already been thinking about your 2017 new year’s resolution? Do you have any big changes coming up? With just a few weeks left before the 2017 new years ball drops there is still time to begin with a bright new smile!

With modern technology and innovative procedures cosmetic dentistry has become popular and in turn cost-effective. Along with these advances, the ideal smile is now more obtainable for the general population. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have the ideal smile! With such a large variety of cosmetic treatments available, Sunny Days Dental offers cosmetic options that can enhance your smile’s appearance including aligning crooked teeth, shaping teeth, porcelain veneers, whiter teeth, and more!

The value of a bright smile is tremendous and is quickly becoming one of the most sough-out cosmetic treatments. Our East Austin practice can completely brighten your smile in just a matter of a few weeks. We offer an unchallenged system called KOR whitening that has been proven to work – really work! Over the counter strips can work well but this whitening system creates trays that are specifically sculpted to exact curvature of your teeth to enhance the results. Just a few benefits of this particular system include: no daytime wear, just 2 office visits, its safe, its unchallenged, perfect for busy adults, natural look, long-lasting, and of course you’ll love your smile!
If you would like to start 2017 with a bright new smile there is still time!

Come visit the dentist and learn more about what options are available to specfically address your specific needs.

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