Use it or lose it!

You have always heard about individual maximums, deductibles, waiting periods, percentages, limitations, clauses and more! Insurance is quite a tricky subject to take on yourself. At Sunny Days Dental we want to ensure you are “maximizing your benefits.” This may be another phrase you’ve always heard but what does it really mean?

Now that it is October, we are nearing the year’s end. As of December 31st, when most dental insurance benefits recycle, your yearly max is maxed out! It’s gone! Each individual insurance policy is different but for the sake of an example lets say your insurance maximum is $1500, you have pretty healthy oral hygiene habits but your dentist says you need to have a tooth pulled! At that time, maybe you decided to not move forward with treatment but put it off until next visit. Now that it is October and you’ve had both of your cleanings but still need that tooth extraction – there is no better time to than address your treatment! Your yearly maximum was $1500 but your dental insurance covered both cleanings at 100% so now your remaining coverage is $750. That $750 is the remaining coverage your dental insurance company will put towards treatment. That isn’t to say the procedure will be covered at 100%… but why not take advantage of the $750.00 and get the extraction done before the $750 is completely gone or begins to show signs of discomfort?

Won’t my maximum just recycle in 2017? It will if your coverage continues but unfortunately we can’t predict life changes! Maybe next year you chip a tooth or need a filling or maybe change your job. If you have the availability of dental coverage it is advised to use it towards treatment before an unexpected change comes up! If you don’t need any fillings, extractions, or other treatment…. maybe it is time to give yourself a little gift!

Cosmetic dentistry is also available

at Sunny Days Dental. The remaining coverage could be used on a brighter smile or adjusting that gap that has always bothered you.

Maximizing your benefits doesn’t mean that each year your entire maximum should be used. It also means, we want to ensure you are receiving the highest percentage coverage for each procedure as possible. This way, there is less out of pocket for you. We are always doing our best to ensure your are receiving the optimal and accurate estimate of coverage possible through your individual plan.

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