Dr. Pamee Shah on “Why Fluoride?”

Why Fluoride?

Simple answer for a simple question : because we live in a world of sugar!

Fluoride, along with tri-calcium phosphate, are the only two substances that can even attempt to counter-act our constant, ever elevating daily oral exposure to sugars and acids. While fluoride, calcium and phosphate are found naturally in our saliva, application of a fluoride varnish following a dental hygiene appointment provides a highly concentrated, temporary dose that adheres to enamel for an extended period of time to protect and assist in preventing cavities. As an added benefit, it relieves hypersensitivity!

So for those nights where we may have a few extra snacks, or those days with a few extra beverages,

lets remember to give our teeth a fighting chance with a little extra fluoride at your next dental visit.

*Ask us about our new Gluten-free Fluoride varnish!

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