A whole new smile in just six months!

Misalignment of teeth can range from mild to severe. In mild cases, back teeth can have normal occlusion while front teeth may be a little off. If anterior teeth are slightly out of alignment, the idea of braces may seem akin to killing a mosquito with a shotgun. When the straightening of your teeth has more to do with cosmetics than a serious bite issue, you may want to consider the ease and convenience of Six Month Smiles.

Short Term Orthodontics

This orthodontic option for straightening slightly misaligned teeth accelerates the movement of teeth. Although they move faster into the correct position than with traditional metal braces, there is not more discomfort associated with the treatment. Advanced dental technology is implemented in the accelerated repositioning of the teeth. It is an approved method of orthodontic treatment for people 16 year of age and up. If you have gaps between your teeth or crooked anterior teeth this is the perfect option for addressing those issues.

Straighten Teeth Faster!

Traditional metal braces can take over a year and sometimes two in order to achieve the desired results. Six Month Smiles can straighten minor misalignments in about six months. Low force is applied to the teeth in such a way that they move faster in small increments. Clear brackets and tooth colored wires are used for the treatment so they are barely noticeable. Since the braces are on your teeth for a shorter period of time than traditional metal braces, you endure less discomfort, you can return to normal brushing and flossing sooner and most importantly, you will have a beautiful straight smile in just a matter of months.

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