Way to go Men’s Health Magazine!

‚ÄčAlthough after reading this article, you may be MORE stressed, at Sunny Days Dental we think its really great that

this magazine acknowledges the effects of ongoing high level stress. While our brains are in ‘go mode’, and it

seems everyone else around you is too, often we don’t realize that stress and tension is constant and can have a

variety of negative effects on our overall health. Men’s Health took the time to identify symptoms of stress,

particularly dental signs, and sometimes recognizing these signs helps to take action to reduce stress. Dr. Shah will often discuss with patients how closely the oral health mimics the body’s overall health and often times the dentist is the first one to create awareness through a comprehensive exam and discussion. Check out the article below and

please do call us to schedule your visit!

Weird Signs You’re Stressed Out!

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