Lets be clear: How Can Dental Care Be Affordable?

Lets be clear: How Can Dental Care Be Affordable?

Its not uncommon to hear new or potential patients state they’ve delayed their dental visits because they either do not have insurance or they feel that they will be unable to pay for the services rendered.

At Sunny Days Dental, we understand that and therefore developed some pretty phenomenal financing options so that your dental needs can be met to achieve confidence in you smile – and absolutely before you are in any discomfort from delaying treatment!

A dental treatment plan may be as simple as preventative maintenance or as complex as a series of root canals and bridges. During a first visit consultation with Dr. Pamee Shah, we are gathering clinical data as well as information from you, the patient, as to priorities and goals to develop a customized treatment proposal in a time line that acknowledges your oral needs and concerns as well as life factors, aka work times, finances, etc.

Even though Obamacare has changed the way in which people obtain health insurance, and despite the fact

that more Americans than ever actually have health insurance, the truth is that most health insurance companies do not cover the cost of dental procedures. Although some pay for preventative care, such as an annual cleaning, they will not assist with fillings, crowns, extractions, and other services. At Sunny Days Dental, we’ve sifted through the mounds and fine print of dental insurances/plans and selected a winner! One patients can sign up for easily and at a low monthly cost yet have immediate benefits as well as long term preventative oral health care.m Vision, prescription, even LASIK, are part of this choice dental savings plan.

Other options include 0% interest financing for up to one year, referral programs, and even discounts if the full treatment fee is paid up front. We developed our foundation in East Austin’s dental community because we believe in the significance of oral health’s relationship to great overall health and vitality!

Don’t let uncertainty prevent you from scheduling your dental visit today! Dr. Shah and the staff are here to

increase oral health awareness in East Austin and our goal is to develop a customized treatment proposal that makes sense for you and your family!

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