Spotlight on Fillings and Crowns

Trying to recreate nature’s blueprint with man-made material is no simple task. Yet, advances are being made to allow dentists to create excellent, esthetic tooth replacements using direct tooth-colored restorative materials that can give the patient an optimal, long-lasting result. These fillings and crowns are also more affordable and cosmetically appealing than ever before. Thanks to new developments in modern dentistry, when you visit Sunny Days Dental for a filling or crown, it is an efficient procedure with the absoulte minimum discomfort.

If you have severe tooth decay, your dentist may have discussed your options for fillings and crowns. Unlike dentures, which replace missing teeth, fillings and crowns are designed to restore and support your natural teeth after they become damaged. Even with the very best preventative dentistry practices, many people will need a filling or crown at some point in their lives. This may be due to the shape of the tooth/teeth, position in the mouth, or more commonly, a fracture or crack in the tooth. Unlike a filling, a crown completely covers a tooth that does not have enough healthy tooth structure to support a filling for the long term. Materials science continues to develop and refine filling materials that are more biologically harmonious with natural tooth structure. This allows dentists to choose from a variety of options to find the best solution for you and your teeth.

Do you want to learn more about fillings and crowns ? Call Sunny Days Dental at (512) 539-0093. Our experienced dental team serving Austin, TX can guide you through the process during an in-person consultation.

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