New Handheld X-ray Technology

Remember the last time you underwent a dental x-ray? They positioned that scary-looking machine in front of your face. Then they left the room and hid behind a wall. What’s with that?

Fortunately, those days are now gone. Dr. Pamee Shah of Sunny Days Dental in Austin says that the latest technology in handheld x-ray machines allows technicians to take x-rays while in the same room as patients!

“This has proven to be a real asset to o

ur practice,” said Dr. Shah. “The patient doesn’t feel so left alone during the procedure, and it’s much faster too!”

Sunny Days Denal uses this new hand-held x-ray technology, which is substantially smaller and lighter in weight than traditional x-ray devices. The design allows technicians to position the machine in ways that were not previously possible so they can get the exact image they need.

“This technology is particularly effective for wiggling children where sitting still can be challenging,” said Dr.

Shah. “The diagnostic information we get from the x-ray allows us to take better care of the patient.”

Because they get the image the first time, the NOMAD system often reduces the number of x-ray exposures to

the patient, and, as a result, a lower dose of radiation. And because of the unique internal shielding of the

device, the x-ray technician is protected from scattered x-rays, so they can stay with the patient during the procedure.

“Even with the advances in dentistry, some patients are still very anxious about their dental procedures,” said Sheena, a dental assistant who performs many of the x-rays. “The ability to stay right with them during the imaging provides an extra feeling of security. They are more comfortable knowing I’m there with them.”

“Helping our patients become more relaxed in our environment is critical,” adds Dr. Shah. “When they feel comfortable and safe, they come back for the treatments they need to maintain good oral hygeine . And that’s what it’s all about.”

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