WHY are you grinding your teeth?

Have you ever been surprised when your dentist informs you that you may be grinding your teeth while asleep? This is known as noctural burxism, an unconscious habit that can have severe long term ...
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A new smile for 2017!

Have you already been thinking about your 2017 new year's resolution? Do you have any big changes coming up? With just a few weeks left before the 2017 new years ball drops there is still time to ...
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East Austin Studio Tour

Have you ever really explored the East Side of Austin, Texas? If not, November 12th marks the beginning of Austin's annual "East Austin Studio Tour." This is an entirely free event that ...
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Dr. Pamee Shah on "Why Fluoride?"

Why Fluoride? Simple answer for a simple question : because we live in a world of sugar! Fluoride, along with tri-calcium phosphate, are the only two substances that can even attempt to counter-act ...
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Use it or lose it!

You have always heard about individual maximums, deductibles, waiting periods, percentages, limitations, clauses and more! Insurance is quite a tricky subject to take on yourself. At Sunny Days Dental ...
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The Importance of the Individual

Have you ever been to the doctor or dentist and felt like you were just another patient passing through? One of the most frustrating aspects of the healthcare industry is feeling as if your concerns ...
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Why does teeth grinding occur in children?

MANY PARENTS HAVE heard their children (loudly) grinding their teeth while they sleep at night, or even during waking hours. You may worry about the health of your child’s teeth or what their ...
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A whole new smile in just six months!

Misalignment of teeth can range from mild to severe. In mild cases, back teeth can have normal occlusion while front teeth may be a little off. If anterior teeth are slightly out of alignment, the ...
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Not All Snacks Are Created Equal

GOOD NUTRITION IS ESSENTIAL for a child’s healthy growth and development. It’s also important for their dental health! A good diet can help your child build strong, healthy teeth, while ...
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Common Causes of Dry Mouth

SALIVA IS ESSENTIAL not only for our oral health, but for our overall comfort. We all experience a dry mouth every once in awhile and know how bothersome it can be. But what does it mean? And what ...
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Way to go Men's Health Magazine!

Although after reading this article, you may be MORE stressed, at Sunny Days Dental we think its really great that this magazine acknowledges the effects of ongoing high level stress. While our brains ...
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Lets be clear: How Can Dental Care Be Affordable?

Lets be clear: How Can Dental Care Be Affordable? Its not uncommon to hear new or potential patients state they've delayed their dental visits because they either do not have insurance or they ...
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Don't Let Gingivitis Keep You From Smiling

YOU’RE SITTING IN THE DENTAL CHAIR, everything going as planned at your clinical hygiene appointment, until your dentist tells you that the bleeding you've been experiencing when brushing ...
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How Breastfeeding Affects Your Child's Oral Health

How Breastfeeding Affects Your Child’s Oral Health CHOOSING TO BREASTFEED a child is a personal and special decision for each mother and each pregnancy. At Sunny Days Dental, we are cognizant of ...
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Curious about Calcium?

WE'VE ALL BEEN TOLD (and many of us tell our children) that milk builds strong bones. But our nutritional and dietary preferences are not only widely varied, they also change from time to time. ...
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Saliva's Essential Role

Ever take a moment to think about how GREAT your saliva is? Probably not. Saliva has an all-important role in your oral and digestive health. Saliva Has Many Important Functions Our bodies make two to ...
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New Handheld X-ray Technology

Remember the last time you underwent a dental x-ray? They positioned that scary-looking machine in front of your face. Then they left the room and hid behind a wall. What’s with that? ...
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Spotlight on Fillings and Crowns

Trying to recreate nature's blueprint with man-made material is no simple task. Yet, advances are being made to allow dentists to create excellent, esthetic tooth replacements using direct ...
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An Introduction to Six Month Smiles

If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, but are reluctant to commit to braces, Six Month Smiles may be the perfect solution for you. Six Month Smiles is a special orthodontic ...
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Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Maintaining superior oral health is important at any age, which is why both preventative dentistry and pediatric dentistry are so essential. Only an experienced oral health care provider can detect ...
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The Many Benefits of Smiling [INFOGRAPHIC]

A smile is not just another facial expression—it can have a significant impact on the way you feel and how you are perceived by others. When you smile authentically at someone else, they are ...
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Commonly Asked Questions About Crowns

Have you heard of dental crowns? If your dentist is concerned about tooth decay or other issues affecting your tooth structure, dental crowns may be an option. This guide can help you learn about ...
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A Closer Look at Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Visiting the dentist is important for maintaining good dental health—but that’s not all your dentist can do! Cosmetic dentistry procedures are designed to improve aesthetics, allowing you ...
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Meet the Sunny Days Dental Team

You should visit the dentist at least two times a year for regular cleanings and exams. It’s easier to keep up with these regular appointments when you know and trust the dental care team you ...
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